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The CSI is currently being developed by Co-Founders Michael C Jackson OBE and Paul Barnett. It is the result of their collaboration in the creation of the Critical Systems Forum which will evolve into the institute, plus the production of related conferences and the development of an executive education program. It is also closely related to Michael's book  Critical Systems Thinking and the Management of Complexity  published by Cambridge University Press in 2019, and a forthcoming handbook for practitioners

We are largely unaware of our dependence on systems, until we need them, or when they fail us — when governments and health systems seem unable to protect us from a pandemic, when the economy is in poor health and we cannot find work, when flood defence systems fail, the car breaks down, high levels of pollution impact our health, crime rates surge, we are the victim of a cyber security attack, or our internet connection fails. 













Given their fundamental importance to each and every one of us, should we not have a far better understanding of systems — the way they work and their impact on us? This question led to the formation of the Critical Systems Forum, a think tank hosted by the Enlightened Enterprise Academy. It will focus on both Critical Systems Thinking and Practice, sharing knowledge and offering courses. We aim to address what we call the Critical Systems Thinking and Practice  Capabilities Gap and the consequences - massive costs and opportunity costs to enterprises in all sectors and to economies and societies. 

A widespread understanding of the benefits of Critical Systems Thinking and Practice will be valuable to government, business, and organisations of all types in all sectors. They will be able to: mitigate system failures and underperformance; maximise the chances of positive outcomes from systems design, change, and management; demonstrate systemic leadership; address problems holistically; take better strategic decisions; implement strategies more effectively; manage risks better; be more innovative; undertake organisational transformation; get the best out of people and teams; provide service excellence and greater value to customer; demonstrably contribute to societal and environmental improvement; and reap the rewards of diversity and inclusion.


Our work will produce a growing body of knowledge that the leaders of enterprises will be able to access whenever it is needed. They will also be able to read, or watch, up to date research and interviews from a wide range of international sources.


The Institute will be formally launched in late 2022. Email a request for updates. In the meantime you can read more about Our Founders, The Advisors, Our Team and Our Partners.            

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