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“If I were granted one wish to be implemented in order to improve the long-term performance of the companies in my stock portfolio, what would it be? Easy--- All board members of these companies must attend this online course.”

These are the words of Bartley J Madden. You can read his biography on the website of the “MADDEN CENTER FOR VALUE CREATION” at Florida Atlantic University, recently established with the Madden family’s generous $3 million gift to support the Centre’s “promotion of value creation for widespread prosperity.”

In Brief, Bartley is “an independent researcher, author, and expert in the field of investment research and money management.” In 1969, he co-founded Callard Madden & Associates, and his research resulted in the cash-flow-return-on-investment CFROI valuation model widely used today by investment management firms. In 1992, he became a partner at HOLT Value Associates, a firm that was acquired by Credit Suisse in 2002 with Bartley the managing director. Upon retirement he took up independent research and has published several books.

Why would Bartley endorse the programme we offer so enthusiastically? Because he knows the programme was designed to help directors and executives overcome their “Systems Thinking Capabilities Gaps” and those of their firms. Also, because he recognises the gap is a root cause of corporate crises, and the greater frequency and scale of them. Crises that have a massive costs to companies and those invested in them.

A volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world has given rise to significant “Systems Thinking Capabilities Gaps” in individuals and among boards and executive teams. The “Introduction to Critical Systems Thinking and the Management of Complexity” executive programme is the way to start to understand that problem and how to address it.

Having critical systems thinking capabilities should be regarded as an imperative. Such skills are essential in order to be able to think strategically and make good strategic decisions. They are essential for strategic planning and the executing of strategies. And they are critical to the understanding of associated risks and how they should be managed. None of these tasks cannot be performed well without the required level of systems thinking capabilities.

So, how confident are you that you and the board and the executive team in your organisation, have the capabilities to deal with todays' challenges? Are you expecting to deal with a crisis in the next 12-24 months as the vast majority of directors admitted they were in the PwC Global Crisis surveys?

Note that, by their own admission the vast majority of directors surveyed by PwC recognised the crises they faced were the result of rather mundane internal issues that should be avoidable, not ‘Black Swan” events.

If you are as interested in the performance of your company as serious long-term investors are, isn’t it time you, and the other directors and executives of the firm, all addressed your systems thinking capabilities gaps by joining us on the next open enrolment programme starting February 21st, 2023, or by considering a private in-company programme which we can customise for you?

Get the details of the open programme and apply now, or email us about a private programme.

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