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STARTING IN SEPTEMBER 2023 - Critical Systems Thinking & The Management of Complexity

The Enlightened Enterprise Academy is delighted to announce that The application process for the third cohort of the world's first online programme in "Critical Systems Thinking and the Management of Complexity" is now open.

It is an eight-module online programme mixes on-demand and live content. The 60 minute live sessions will take place at 8am (repeated at 4pm) UK time on:

26 Sept

3 Oct

10 Oct

17 Oct

24 Oct

31 Oct

7 Nov

14 Nov

Participants in Europe will have the benefit of being able to join either of the live sessions each week, or both. Participants in other time zones where only one option is viable will be able to view the recording of the other session if they wish. The topic will be the same for each live session each week, and most of the guests to dialogue with Mike will be the same, but there may be some variation in the guests.

The Programme It will be delivered by Professor Michael Jackson (OBE) and I. Mike is author of the book with the same title as the course.

The enlightened Enterprise Academy has always intended to be accessible to a global audience. With that goal in mind we developed a pricing policy for our online programmes intended to make them accessible wherever you live in the world - the price you pay will depend on where you live. The standard price for people in high income economies is £800. People in Upper-Middle income countries will get 25% discount, in lower middle income countries 50% discount and in low income counties 75% discount. DETAILS

We also offer discounts for students, multiple purchases from the same organisation, and registered charities. Plus partial scholarships for anyone in any part of the world in special circumstances. For details:

As Founder and CEO of the Enlightened Enterprise Academy, I came to realise that what I call The Systems Thinking Capabilities Gap explains why so much strategic thinking, decision making and execution is fundamentally flawed and fails. It also explains catastrophic filings in risk management, project management and other disciplines. We see the consequences in the number, frequency and scale of corporate crises and institutional failures.

The problems have been made worse by intense rivalry between the various schools of systems thinking. Thankfully, Mike Jackson recognised that the strengths and weaknesses of each depends on the nature of the problem, or opportunity, being addressed. Practitioners of Critical Systems Thinking are also able to think critically about which approaches have most to offer in specific contexts.

"Critical Systems Thinking encourages a flexible mindset, which is necessary to navigate complexity, and provides a skills-set of systems approaches oriented to achieving improvement even when we are confronted with the most ‘wicked’ of problems," argues Mike. And Sir Patrick Vallance, Head of Government Science and Engineering (in the U.K.), recently stated: “Systems thinking is a way of understanding a complex interacting problem. There is no doubt in my mind that for policy it is crucial.” Mike adds, "Complexity is the major issue facing decision-makers whether working in the private, public or third sectors. Systems thinking is increasingly recognised as the only way of successfully engaging with complexity."

Critical Systems Thinking capabilities are "crucial," but scarce. Why? Because today's leaders are "usually brought up on classical management theory that emphasizes the need to forecast, plan, organise, lead, and control. This approach relies on there being a predictable future environment in which it is possible to set goals that remain relevant into the foreseeable future; on enough stability to ensure that tasks arranged in a fixed hierarchy continue to deliver efficiency and effectiveness; on a passive and unified workforce; and on a capacity to take control action based on clear measures of success. These assumptions do not hold in the modern world, and classical management theory provides the wrong prescriptions.”

In short, classical management theory leaves today's leaders massively exposed and unable to deal with the levels of complexity they already face, let alone the even greater complexity they will face in the future. This realisation led me to ask Mike if we could collaborate in developing a solution for directors and executives. The unique programme we now offer is the result. We are also developing the Critical Systems Thinking Institute to establish a growing body of knowledge and practice.

Participation in the programme is by application only, to ensure we have a good mix of delegates from various industries, sectors, and functions. It will be delivered online to reach a global audience. And it will be repeated for different time-zones, subject to demand.

The 8 modules each one week will begin with the release of a folder featuring on-demand content, to include a weekly pre-recorded discussion between Mike and I, which should be watched before the live session. Each live session will feature Mike in a moderated dialogues with an expert or practitioner of systems thinking. It will also include a Q&A session.

Delegates will also get to discuss what they are presented with each week in smaller Reflection Groups if they choose to join one. The discussions, guided by weekly prompts. This programme feature is designed to help participants develop their thinking about ways to apply the insights they have gained. Such applied thinking strengthens the chances of seeing and understanding the direct relevance and value of Critical Systems Thinking in practice.

Delegates will get a copy of Mike's existing book, and the practitioner's guide that he is currently working on.

The whole programme will be presented from the Enlightened Enterprise Academy Hub, which allows delegates to interact with each other and our larger communities. The same platform will also be used for the live streaming of the live sessions.

Applications will be reviewed as they are received, so applying early is recommended. READ THE FULL DETAILS and apply as soon as possible if you are interested.

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