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The CSI benefits from being closely related to the Enlightened Enterprise Academy and its multi-media publishing platform, Enlightened Enterprise Media. It means we will be able to disseminate the thought leadership and research we create as papers, books, videos, podcasts etc. 


A principal recommended book on the topic is Critical Systems Thinking and the Management of Complexity by our co-Founder Michael C Jackson. He is also working on a practitioner guidebook that will be published in late 2022 or early 2023. 


Additionally we will carefully curate details of a wide range of other research and ideas from others and share them via our various media channels. 


We are also interested in receiving suggestions you think we ought to consider, and proposals from authors who might be interested in the publishing solutions we can provide.

In the coming weeks this site will include a library of other books, articles and papers, and links to our video and podcast channels. News of their publication will be given in the news section of this website.  

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